Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Cloud Watching

Question - What are clouds made of?

Children's answers
- bits of fluff
- bits of fluff and the sky
- sky and wind
- water (correct!!)

 Today we made a Cloud Finder and talked about the different types of clouds and how they can help us to predict the weather.

We then headed outside and used our Cloud Finder to classify the clouds that we could see in our sky. This helped us to fill in our Cloud Watcher chart – time/date, cloud type, AM weather, predicted PM weather and Actual PM Weather.

We will fill this chart in each morning and afternoon for the next two weeks, use the data to compare our predictions to the actual weather and create a cloud graph.

The lovely thing is that I am actually learning about clouds and how to predict the weather with them.


Monday, 29 April 2013

All about the Clouds

This afternoon in our learning space it was all about ‘Clouds’. I stepped out of my cleanliness zone and started our lessons on clouds by giving my students a dollop of cream on their working space. After looking at different types of clouds on our Interactive Whiteboard, I then got them to make different types of clouds; Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus – have I lost you yet?

The students had so much fun that I felt bad when I asked them to stop and start cleaning up. Who would of thought shaving cream was so much fun. I have promised them tomorrow they use it during ‘Word Work’ to write their spelling words in.

We ended the lesson by exploring what clouds are made of by exhaling onto the back of a spoon and explaining why we a tiny cloud.

Tomorrow we are going to make a cloud key to help us keep a cloud diary and to predict what the weather will be.


Thursday, 25 April 2013


Today I got up at early and attended my local Dawn Service. For me getting up at 5am is no sacrifice. While it was a short service it was very moving.

I later returned to the cenotaph to watch as my school's school leaders laid a wreath. I then had the honor to march with some 20 plus students from school along with parents, teachers and most importantly, returned service men and woman.

The students were commended on their behavior and attitude towards this important event. I personally was attending for family members and my older brother who is currently in the Australian Army.

Lest we forget


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A Day full of Special Visitors

Today my grade and I were lucky enough to have some visiting teachers from Tasmiana. They came to observe and talk about how Daily 5 looks and feels in our learning space. They also spent some time with Paula and her children, as she had organised the visit via her blog (Paula’s Place). I am sure Paula would agree it was lovely to share and discuss this topic with others who are excited and motivated by Daily 5. I can’t wait to see what ideas they take back and use in their own classrooms.

Ann, Sharon, myself and Paula

Being ANZAC Day tomorrow I had some lovely parents bring in war medals and a very special handmade bear, whose outfit was made from an original Army uniform. I am very passionate about educating my students about ANZAC Day and I always get a bit teary when I talk about the topic.  
One of my favourite picture books to share is ‘My Grandad Marches on ANZAC Day’.

We finished off our school day with a special and moving ANZAC Day assembly which was run by Sue (my neighbour) and our school leaders. I personally am getting up early to attend our local Dawn Service.

Lest We Forget


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Eat Cake...

One of the many perks of teaching is getting to share the enjoyment of a student's birthday.

Love life and eat cake...

Monday, 22 April 2013

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock...

Today I had my own grade for Maths. The other four days of the week my grade is spilt into three different cohorts for Number. So today we revisited time to the hour and half hour, while introducing for some quarter to and quarter past.

We began with reading a big book about time and created a brainstorm of what we know about time. We then went on to decorate our classroom clock; I had seen this idea on another teaching blog and I just had to try it myself. The students loved it, although they thought I was a little crazy when I started putting blu-tack on our classroom clock! We finished off the lesson with a game of Time BINGO and using the IWB as a 'pass' to get our lunch (and a sneaky bit of assessment for me).


Friday, 19 April 2013

Read to Someone

After completing ‘Read to Self’ my students move onto ‘Read to Someone’. They either read to the person they are sitting next to or a friend anywhere in the room. To solve any problems of who is going first the pair play a game of ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ (stops any tears). The winner reads one page of their book and the listener asks ‘Who was a character in the book?’ and ‘What has happened so far?’ or ‘What have you learnt?’. Once the questions have been answered it is the other child’s turn to read one page and answer the questions.

This is a great way to check that the listener is listening and the reader understands what they have read.

As with introducing ‘Read to Self’ we started off by completing an anchor chart and talk about building up our stamina. At the moment we can do ‘Read to Someone’ for up to 30 minutes. Quite often we stop to do a check in, making sure we are sitting EEKK, (elbow to elbow, knee to knee) asking questions, being a good listener etc.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Read to Self

To kick off our Daily 5 program for the day my students do ‘Read to Self’ or you may know it as silent reading. Last year at my school we began a whole school reading program where the students come inside at the 8.50am bell and start reading. Beginning the day like this gives the school a calmness and the students are ready to begin their school day at 9am.  Last year Paula and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do ‘Read to Self’ and I have continued it this year.

When we began ‘Read to Self’ we talked a lot about showing stamina, three ways to read a book and choosing best-fit books. I love how my kids do ‘Read to Self’, most morning you can hear a pin drop.
 The anchor charts I have used (and along with many other resources) were created by Paula, head over to her blog ‘Paula’s Place’ and check it out.