Friday, 7 June 2013

Five 4 Friday

Hi all, where has the week gone?!
I am linking up with Casey from Doodle Bugs with my Five for Friday.

One - It's the weekend

Lucky for me it's report writing day and Monday is a public holiday. I get to enjoy a four day weekend as I have finished my reports.

Two - Are we there yet?

Early this morning we hit the road to begin our 7 hour journey to Canberra. My partner will be working here next month, so we thought we would make the most of the long weekend and check out Canberra.

Three - We made it!!

We arrived in our Nation's Capital just after lunch. We unpacked and headed to Parliament House.

 Tomorrow I will get my 'Teacher Nerd' on and spend some time at the National Museum of Australia and the War Museum. 

Four - Our Learning

Our classroom has lots of windows and I love to show off our work and learning.

Four - Winter

It's winter here in Aus and we have already had a record amount of rain.

Guess what I forgot to pack for our holiday? That's right my jacket!! 


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

More Science

We explored how lightning and thunder are formed today. 

We began by brainstorming all that we knew. 

Then we checked out a website on our Interactive Whiteboard. 

We then made static electricity with balloons, our hair and other things in our classroom.


Later on we made thunder when we popped a paper bag.